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The latest CD from Cornwall's premier folk group. Tracks are:- Fly Cellar/Unity/Heva Cornishe - Unity and Fly were two of the fish cellars at Newlyn often used for parties,Ann Tremellan/Farewell Maidens All -A Cornish version of Barbara Allan, Tolla Rooz - The words are taken from a poem written in 1710 describing the fishing around St.Michael's Mount, Maggie May - wriiten in America in 1869, Bishop's Jig/No Song No Supper - The first tune is a poplular Cornish session tune the second is from the manuscript of "The Dancing Master of Par" 1808, The Sundial/The Wabe/An Dufunyans -The first two tunes were commissioned by the English Touring Opera Group for its successful"One Day,Two Dawns"production,the final tune was once used for the hymn "God's Dear Son",Falmouth Packet/The Chainlocker - written by Roger Bryant tells of the perils of getting drunk in Falmouth in the days of the press gang, Mary's Waltz - tells the story of Cornish Highwaywoman Mary Bryant, Polperro Furry - a new tune by Mike Jelly used for the Polperro Furry each summer, Turning of the Tide - traditional tune adapted by W Coleman song tells of dreaming of returning across the Tamar, The Gannel Crake/Cribbar/Two Borders - a set of Cornish five-steps about the river Gannel,the giant wave Cribbar and the two borders crossed from Cornwall to Scotland, Mary's Waltz - instrumental reprise

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